Share My Diablo 3 Bot: Ghom Farming/Auto Pick Up/Legendary Notification

I have used this bot for quite a long while. It is free and safe. I developed it because I got sick of the infinite farming in Diablo 3. This bot is actually an AutoHotKey script. It neither reads/writes memory nor performs real-time pixel detections. It is just a pure Mouse/Keyboard macro. So how can it pick up legendary items? The answer is screenshot scanning. It ‘presses’ PrintScreen after Ghom is down, then scans the screenshot and finds out the coordinates of legendary items. Simple but effective.

I also added a feature to upload the thumbnails of the legs that have been picked up to Dropbox dir. So if you are at work while the bot is running at home, you will see a notification window pop up every time you get a legendary item. I was quite exciting to see those notifications at the beginning, but now I have totally lost my interests :(

Please see the video demo: